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What happens when a pump is left unused for a long time?

The booster pump in my house was so noisy that I switched it off for more than a year. Recently I replaced an old faucet, and something went wrong with the water pressure. So, I switched the pump on for more pressure but found it no longer worked. Is it broken because it has not been activated for so long?


1.When a booster pump is restarted after being left unused for a long time, it may stop working because the shaft is jammed. Before you switch it on, insert a screwdriver into its cooling fan and try to rotate the shaft. Then remove the screwdriver and switch the power on to see if the pump runs normally.

2.If the problem persists, contact the producer's customer service for assistance.

3.You may also want to replace the booster pump with a low-noise model. We’d recommend Walrus’ TQ_B or HQ_B series.


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