Why does my tap water look cloudy?


Recently, when I turn on a faucet, for the first few minutes the water looks cloudy. Why is it like that? Is it rust from old pipes? Or perhaps the water is already dirty when it is drawn? This is a rented place, and there’s a booster pump installed near the water outlet. How can I improve the situation? Should I have the water pipes replaced? Or should I install a water purifier?


There are three possible reasons why tap water looks cloudy.

1.The water source (water tank) has not been cleaned for a long time.

2.The water pipes are rusty.

3.The anti-rust coating on the raw cast iron pump chamber has failed, and rust enters the water.

Identify the Reason

The reason for cloudy tap water can be identified in two stages:

1.Disconnect the inlet pipe from the booster pump and turn on the water supply from your water tank. If it is cloudy, then it’s either because the water is dirty from the source, your water pipes are rusty, or your water tank needs to be cleaned.

2. If in the previous stage no problem was found with water quality, then detach the outlet pipe from the pump. Turn on the water supply from your water tank so that water flows out from the discharge of the pump. If the water looks brown and murky, it’s likely to be caused by the failure of the anti-rust coating on the pump chamber.

3.Walrus’ TQ_B and HQ_B series of booster pumps are designed to be rust-proof and can be a solution to this problem. It has been tested that water in contact with the pumps meets drinking water standards.


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