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How do we get powerful shower spray?

I stayed at my classmate"s place last night. There was immediate hot water in their bathroom and the showerhead delivered a powerful spray. I want that in my home too. Was it because of the water pressure? My dad said it might be because they had a more powerful booster pump in their place. Is that so?


Yes! It is indeed related to water pressure. Insufficient water pressure at home can be frustrating. You can install a booster pump to increase water pressure in your home. It is important to choose the right product for the right purpose. For example, the two commonly heard pumps–booster pumps and suction pumps–have different functions. When choosing a suction pump or a booster pump, the first thing you must consider is its “head” and “flow”.

A pump's head is about supplying water pressure to how many floors. Flow, on the other hand, is about supplying water to how many faucets at the same time. Choosing the right product means choosing a product neither below nor above your needs. Purchasing above your needs is not only wasteful; if a pump supplies more pressure than needed, too much pressure in your pipes may cause adverse effects.


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