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Where should a booster pump be installed?

Our upstairs neighbor has installed a booster pump in their bathroom because the water pressure in their place is not enough.

I've asked my friends who live in other buildings, and their booster pumps are all installed on the rooftop. My upstairs neighbor's pump sounds like the suction pump on the ground floor of our building. When the pump runs, we can hear it rattle even if we're just in the stairwell and there's also a humming noise coming through the cement structure. We made complaints through our building superintendent but received no response. Maybe they can put up with that kind of noise and think we are trying to find fault with them.

I'd say the noise from the pump devalues the apartments in this community so installing it on the rooftop would be good for the whole community. For the upstairs neighbor, it also means less space taken up in their apartment.


1.A booster pump is usually installed as close as possible to the water source (water tower). So, the rooftop would be the most ideal place.

2.Choosing the right booster pump can contribute to our quality of life. As people are paying more and more attention to it, the designs of booster pumps have been improving. Perhaps you can advise your neighbor to choose a booster pump from Walrus' TQ_B or HQ_B series to solve the noise problem.


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