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What are booster and suction pumps are for?

I've bought a pre-owned house.
here are 2 pumps in the house–one on the rooftop, the other in the backyard on the ground floor. I was wondering about their names and functions.

Our water tower holds 1 ton of water. Two people live in the house, and we cook and eat at home. Laundry is done once every two days. We can hear the pump on the ground floor running every two days (for at least 20 minutes). I am wondering whether this is too frequent? Do I have to adjust the float valve in the water tower? Or should I install another water tower?


1.Generally speaking, a suction pump is installed on the ground floor of a house to draw tap water from the first floor or water from an underground reservoir and send it to the rooftop. A booster pump, on the other hand, is installed on the rooftop to send water from the rooftop water tank to taps in the house. Both are collectively known as water pumps.

2.How frequently a suction pump starts to operate depends on how much water is used in a household. However, you can choose to increase the amount of water stored in your water tank by adjusting its level switch, lowering the low point level (to no lower than the inlet of the booster pump), and raising the high point level (to no higher than then float valve fitted to the inlet pipe). Then the pump on the ground floor won't be activated so often.

Note: Remember to check if there is a water leak in your home or if your water bill is unusually high.


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