A Household Name for Water Pumps in Taiwan
Since 1967

Walrus plays a key role in the water supply system, striving to be the best choice wherever water goes.

Founded in 1967, Walrus Pump Co., ltd. has built more than 55 years of experience in the design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and services in the field of water pumps. An established pump brand in Taiwan, Walrus has been the No. 1 provider of rooftop booster pumps in the local market for well over half a century. We understand the importance of water to people in all areas of life, for work or leisure, and the critical role that pumps serve in the entire water supply system.

Therefore, we continue to define the optimal standards and enhance the value of our pumps, ensuring that they are the best choice wherever water is needed, so as to make life better for people and sustainable development possible for cities and the environment.

Back in the days when medical care was not widely available and clean water was not easily accessible, Walrus' founder, Mr. Huang Shou-Hsiung, saw his relatives die from drinking contaminated water. The experience gave him a strong sense of purpose to provide top-quality water supply systems, a mission carried on to this day through knowledge and value sharing over the years. Built upon a proactive and forward-looking vision, Walrus Pump has since 1967 been committed to the pursuit of excellence and raising the bar in the field of pumps to become the leading brand in the Taiwan market.

Research and Innovations

Relentless Investment in Product R&D and Innovative Technology
Driven by a Dedication to Customer Service with Comprehensive Pump Offerings

Granted with the approval to use the “IE3 Motor Inside” mark from the Industrial Technology Research Institute - High-Efficiency Motors Alliance (HEMA), Walrus continues to introduce and develop more IE3-IE4 motors, expanding the portfolio of authorized products to raise the energy efficiency of our products and comply with the national IE3 efficiency standard.


Taiwan Excellence Award


Taiwan Excellent Motor Award - Energy-Saving Category
National Brand Yushan Award


Potential Taiwan Mittlestand Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs


Taiwan Excellence Award


Taiwan Excellence Award

Top-caliber Pump Dynamic Laboratory
For Reinforcing Product R&D and Validation

Walrus Pump Dynamic Laboratory has been commissioned to perform new product R&D management and validation, with a dedicated production technology and validation department to improve the performance of our products in alignment with global trends and regulatory requirements through repeated validation.

Walrus has manufacturing bases Taipei and Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and Suzhou, China. Backed by a full range of advanced production facilities, we leverage state-of-the-art CNC equipment to elevate the tooling and processing precision for the parts and components that go into our products. Walrus' industrial pump offerings—the TPH, TPHK and TPK series—have all passed the most rigorous industrial-grade quality assurance, with each unit subjected to water and performance tests before being assembled and shipped, to ensure premium manufacturing quality.


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