Technological Advantages


RoHS 2.0 and ISO 22196 Accredited Antimicrobial Engineering-grade Plastics
Used for Product Durability, Peace of Mind, and Energy Efficiency

Taiwan Excellence Award and National Brand Yushan Award-winning Track Record Attesting to the Value of Walrus'“From Observation, Design, Innovation to Quality” Philosophy

“Better Life through Innovation” is the mission statement of Walrus. The demand for pumped water supply has been growing with time; so is the need for enabling different water supply performance attributes according to different water use scenarios while fulfilling the triple requirements of quietness, safety and peace of mind. Walrus' R&D team pushes the envelope of technology, having developed cutting-edge rust-proof, silent water pumps and pumps featuring microcomputer controller protection design. We have also led the industry in adopting RoHS 2.0 and ISO 22196-compliant antimicrobial engineering-grade plastic materials to deliver durability, energy efficiency and peace of mind to our customers.

Walrus' Products Have Passed Multiple Qualification Tests and
Achieved Certifications from Five International Certification Bodies

Going forward, Walrus will continue to develop products based on the needs of our customers and listen to their voices, as well as create pumps that meet global trends and regulatory requirements. We believe, only through relentless innovation and continued improvements can we produce products to better accommodate users' needs—in domestic, industrial or commercial settings.

A frequen winner of Taiwan Excellence Award and National Brand Yushan Award, Walrus has demonstrated the power of the “From Observation, Design, Innovation to Quality” philosophy. Only Walrus can surpass Walrus.



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