Industry Live Streaming Channel and Online Exhibition Channel went live. Walrus Life Store inaugurated.

Took part in the Common Health Magazine's “Let's Do a Thing for Taiwan” initiative...more

Participated in the “Branding Taiwan” Campaign of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Became a Commonwealth Magazine's Taiwan Top 2000 enterprise for the first time, taking the 91st spot in the Electrical and Mechanical Equipment category.

Garnered the 17th National Brand Yushan Award - Branding Success Award...more

The GQ series granted the 17th National Brand Yushan Award - Best Product Award...more


TPRK series were awarded by 28th Taiwan Excellent Award...more

Set up Sanchong Brand Company and Taichung Branch Company.

Honored with 5th Potential Taiwan Mittlestand Award...more

Passed the Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System..more

Attended the 27th TIMTOS (Taipei International Machine Tool Show)...more


PK series were introduced into the market...more

HQIC series were introduced into the market.

TPMK series were introduced into the market...more

TPRK_­HSIC series were introduced into the market.

Honored with the 15th National Brand Yushan Award-Outstanding Enterprise Award...more

Pump dynamic laboratory was certified to ISO9906,CNS16017.


Walrus Pump is established for 50 years..more

PW-AD series is awarded by Taiwan Excellent Award.

IE3 Efficient Motor is passed UL certification.

Walrus union is officially established..more

Initiate Intelligent Logistic Project in August, 2017

Electronic Invoice System initiated from September


Honored with 1st Taiwan Excellent Motor Awards...more

Honored with 13th The National Brand Yushan Award...more


Pump dynamic laboratory was certified to TAF, ILAC, and TÜV...more

Honored with 24th Taiwan Excellence Award...more


Improved the facilities for motor dynamic and pump performance in the laboratory.

HQ series were introduced into the market...more


Attended Korea Machine Tool Show.

Attended 24th TIMTOS (Taipei International Machine Tool Show).


Walrus was introduced in book called"100 story from New Taipei City"...more

Walrus Created an New Motor Dynamic Laboratory, Focus in creating a better and more efficient motor...more

Extended a new Production Plant in Kaohsiung.

Present Walrus launch event...more


Add ERP system

Open a new blog called DR.WALRUS, sharing information about pump.

Walrus hold an election for best slogan...more

Attended Taiwan International Machine Tool Show(TIMTOS)

Attended AquaTech Amsterdem in Netherlands


Lead in an 100 hours of Production Management Training Classes.


Attended Taiwan International Machine Tool Show(TIMTOS)...more

AQ series were introduced into the market...more


Increase capacity, shorten the lead time, and lower the product defect rate.


TQRO series were introduced into the market.

Add CRM customer manager system for a better service.


Finished factory extension..more

TPRK series were introduced into the market...more


Extend our factory for increase our capacity and efficiency.

TPVK series were introduced into the market.

TS series were introduced into the market...more


TPHK series were introduced into the market...more


The Chinese name for Walrus change to "Da Jing Pump Industrial Corporation",added pump for a clear direction.

Passed the BSI ISO-9001 international authentication, Quality System with year 2000 certification


The new TQ and TQIC series were introduced on the market. The designs of these series combined with the newest technology and new modern look. In March, the company renamed to WALRUS PUMP CO., LTD.


Pass the DNV CE authentication.

Pass BSI ISO-9001 authentication.

TPH-X series: The Auto Pressure Increase Water Pumps were introduced on market to satisfy customers who demanded for big horsepower and good look...more


In order to upgrades its business, moving from manufacture oriented to research oriented, the company cooperated with China productive canter (CPC) to launch the New Product Development System.

TPH series: Introduced the Multi-stage Centrifugal Pumps to meet the demand for high quality and high performance water pumps for industrial use...more


DAHR CHING Company passed the BSI ISO-9002 international authentication, which increased the company's competitiveness and helped the company to expand the global business.


Started to prepare the brand control system reports and brand quality system reports for ISO 9002.

Developed and marketed the stainless steel series pumps.


Completed BOSCH FAS. (Flexible Production System)..more

Signed the 5S counseling contact with China productive center (CPC).


Signed a long-term counseling service with China Productive Center (CPC) to improve its production speed & product circulation system.


Built a raw material warehouse and expanded its office in san chi. Cooperated with the Chinese Management Association to improve the business operation and promote industry upgrading.


Built another factory in KAOHSIUNG with the investment of the newest technology, neoteric CNC mechanical equipments, to further increase process accuracy and improve quality control.


Introduced the plastics processing technology in its production line, furthermore, it cooperated and coordinated with the Industrial Plastic Research Center to improve the quality control of its pumps...more


DAHR CHING merged with WALRUS Company and renamed as DAHR CHING INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD. to expand its business and market shares. During the year, the company also put huge investment in the IBM mini computers, new equipment and new technology to establish automation and logistic in its factory in San Chi...more


Developed the Vortex Absorption Depth Pump (TP-7) series & Auto Pressure Increase Water Pump (TP-8) series. These series were designed to use the TECO and the TATUNG Motors. This innovation made DAHR CHING Company the leader in the design and manufacture of water pumps...more


Independently designed and manufactured the TP-5 series pumps, which gained a tremendous success and became very popular in Taiwan...mord


DAHR CHING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD was established in Bali, TAIPEI HSIEN. Its core business is the production and selling of domestic water pumps...more


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