TP3-PT Series

Q1.Motor fails to start or restart after a short-term running.

Cause Remedy
The overheating protector is mounted directly on the motor windings. It will stop the motor automatically when the motor temperature is up to abnormal, and restart the motor after the temperature back to normal in 20 minutes. a. Check the electrical power source,fuse,and circuit breaker.
b. Check if pump is locked by rust or foreign objects.
c. Check if the ventilation of the location is bad for causing the overheating of motor.

Remark: before operation, turn off power switch first.

Q2.When charge pump with electricity and the pump revolve normally but you find no water supply,please check it as followings.

a. The pump casing should be full of water,if shortage,please open the red water plug and pour into water anew till quite brimming.
b. If water is leaking out from the pipe please install again there's a blockade in the drain-pipe, please clean it out.

Remark: If you can't get rid of the bug,please call to sales agent or the distributive service station.


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